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Announcement: Registration for 2020

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Our goal is to give our youth wrestlers a sound conditioning program and teach safe and effective wrestling moves and techniques. Win or lose, we teach our wrestlers to be supportive of their teammates and respectful to their opponents. We teach our wrestlers to be proud and confident in their skills and abilities, raising their self-esteem.

Parents or guardians are expected to behave in a respectful and acceptable manner at all times. Parents and guardians are also required to volunteer their time during home matches for all event duties required.


2021 Registration Dates Coming Soon!

Ages and Team Eligibility

  • Ages 5 and up through grade 6. Weight limits apply. All players are assured of wrestling at each match. Approximately 75 wrestlers participated during last year’s season.
  • Teams: All wrestlers who do not have a regularly scheduled opponent for a match.
  • Junior Varsity: Typically, the second best wrestler at each weight class.
  • Varsity and Elimination bouts, behavior and attendance contribute to being selected as the varsity wrestler for a match.

Things you need:

  • Athlete’s birth certificate.
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security.
  • Family medical information.
  • Registration fee is $35 or purchase ESYC All-Sport pass for $60.
  • Fundraising buy-out of $40 (a separate fundraiser is required for each sport and every child).
  • A parent work bond of $20 is also required that is refundable upon completion of volunteer duties.
  • Parents are required to sign up for volunteer duties (Work Board) to support the program.


Practices and Matches

  • ESYC teams participate in the East Penn Youth Wrestling League with matches primarily on Sundays during December through February. Home matches are held at ESYC.
  • Parents or guardians must transport players to all practices and games.
  • For wrestling league information and game schedules, click here: {enter league website address here, when known}

ESYC Wrestling Contacts